3rd International Symposium on Wood and Furniture Conservation

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Paul van Duin

The Marquetry Project at the ENSTIB
Marie-Christine Triboulot, Antonio Pizzi

The Rehydration of Aged Animal Glues in order to Revive their Glueing Power
Nicolas Boucher

The Conservation of a Witwerkers Cabinet
Hans Piena

The Cleaning and Conservation of the Balustrade of the Main Staircase of Hertford House
Paul Tear

The Conservation of the Baumgartner Casket from the Charles Henry Clay Organ Clock
David Wheeler

Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century Methods of Cutting Wood for Works of Art
A.Gérard and J-A. Glatigny

The Use of Dendrochronology for the Analysis of Works of Art
Catharine Lavier

The Conservation of Three Cabinets from Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen
Hans-Henrik Tungelund