Restoring Joints, Conserving Structures

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Miko Vasques Dias (Ed.)

Through, lapped or blind: the dovetail joint in furniture history
Clive Edwards

Expect the unexpected. Constructional details revealed during the conser vation treatment of a commode by Johann Gottlob Fiedler at the W allace Collection
Jurgen Huber

‘No progress without experiment.’ Joints in the work of Rietveld
Marijke Kuper

More than decoration. The furniture of Peder Moos
Bodil Margrethe Stauning

Restoring the joints of picture frames – maintaining function at the expense of aesthetics?
Claire Daly

Joints in medieval picture frames
Hubert Baija

A few notes on eighteenth-century Portuguese painted furniture
Daniela Coelho

The use of stereoradiography for the analysis of furniture constructions
Andrea Coerdt

The rehabilitation of the judges’ chairs from the Supreme Court of Canada
Alastair Fox

The conservation of two late-seventeenth-century cabinets-on-stand
Iskander Breebaart

Structural consolidation and reinforcement of broken furniture
Adrian Smith

Structural characters of Piedmontese eighteenth-century cabinetmaking: historical documents, restorations and new technologies.
The Centro Conservazione e Restauro ‘La Venaria Reale’
Stefania De Blasi, Marco Nervo, Massimo Ravera, Carla Spantigati

Reclaiming historic integrity: the movement of wood, compromised structure and options for conservation
F. Carey Howlett

The construction of flat decorated doors of Dutch seventeenth-century cabinets. Report of a master class
Paul van Duin