Material imitation and imitation materials

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Miko Vasques Dias

Identifying and repainting historical graining techniques in interiors dated before 1800
Bernice Crijns

Marble, tortoiseshell, wood and other materials created in paint and lacquer during the Baroque period in Denmark
Berit Møller

Retouching without touching. Creating the illusion of recoloured furniture through light projection
Federica van Adrichem, Maarten van Bommel

Dutch painted furniture. Imitation of function, style, construction and material
Hans Piena

Where high art and folk art meet – how rural pieces of furniture depict the differences. Techniques, tools and textures used in rural workshops to upgrade furniture
Karl-Heinz Wüstner

Shagreen. The history and conservation of decorative ray skin in furniture
Cathy Silverman

From ‘real composition’ to ‘higher matters of taste’. Exploring the value shift from materials to design in early British composition ornament
Victoria Coibion

Special coloured inlays on furniture in the mid-nineteenth century. Imitation of lacquer, ivory or horn?
Carola Klinzmann, Stefanie van Wüllen

A window with different views. The conservation of the ivory windows of Sundari Chowk at the royal palace in Patan, Nepal
Regina Anna Friedl, Tatjana Bayerova, Gabriela Krist

Let’s pretend. Conservation of an experimental tortoiseshell imitation
Thijs Janssen

The conservation of a lacquered dress sedan chair from the collection of the Marstallmuseum Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich
Hella Huber

A trompe-l’oeil scagliola top on a three-legged support
Lisya Biçaçi, Jaap Boonstra

The conservation of a vinyl-upholstered chair: PVC degradation and conservation
Aura Colliander

Filling losses in granite linoleum with Beva 371
Julia Kun

Birch + paint = bamboo
Lois Warnow

Decorated paper on the inside of an eighteenth-century writing cabinet
Tirza Mol

Curiously engraven: the new art of japanning and an exploration of depictions of Asia in eighteenth-century London and Boston
Tara Cederholm

A Dutch seventeenth-century European lacquer cabinet. Material-technical analysis to gain insight into the deteriorated surface
Elise Andersson, Vincent Cattersel

Imitating aventurine: an eighteenth-century technique of lacquer imitation
Tristram Bainbridge