Historic interiors, conservation, restoration and reconstruction

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Paul van Duin, Dominique van Loosdrecht & David Wheeler (Eds.)


The Lacquer Room at the Residential Palace of Rastatt:
the lacquer-work at the court of Sybylla Augusta of Baden-Baden

Katharina Walch-von Miller

The Lacquer Room at the Residential Palace of Rastatt:
the analysis of the black lacquerwork
Ursula Baumer and Johann Koller

The conservation of the painted wooden vault from the Ursulakerk in Warmehuizen
Pol Bruys and Willem Haakma Wagenaar

A Spindler marquetry floor:
working conditions of the Spindler workshops in Potsdam
Uta-Christiane Bergemann

A Spindler marquetry floor:
manufacturing techniques, condition and use
Henning Schulze

Dismantling and remounting painted panels from the Salon La Rivière
Jean Perfettini and Jean-Albert Glatigny

A unique situation for balancing the use of period objects with reproductions in the living history museum of Colonial Williamsburg
Christopher M. Swan

Reconstruction of the Confidence Room at the Royal Theatre,
Royal Castle Ulriksdal, Stockholm
Lars Rosenberg

Conservation of Turkish decorative ‘Kundekari’ panel elements
Ayse Gulcin Kucukkaya

A study in treatment and conservation of turned archeological wood, with application to the mashrabiyya no. 2979 in Museum of the Islamic Art in Cairo
Yassien El Sayed Zidan and Hany Hanna Aziz Hanna

The restoration of the interior of the sailing barge ‘Annigje’
Bart Vermeer

Material and conservation aspects of the perspectiefjes in seventeenth-century Antwerp cabinets
Tiarna Doherty

The use of perspectives in seventeenth-century Antwerp cabinets
Ria Fabri

Two eighteenth-century Scottish interiors
Sarah Gerrish

Historic interiors in the Rijksmuseum
Paul van Duin