Furniture Finishes

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Miko Vasques Dias (Ed.)

Seeing more clearly through opaque surfaces: a review of furniture finishes materials, their use, and ethical considerations related to their preservation
Stephanie Auffret, Gregory Landrey

A new take on patina
Angelika Rauch, Beatrice Szameitat

Mis en couleur: the colouring of gilt bronze. A review of recipes
Arie Pappot

When silver looked like gold: ‘To strip or not to strip.’ A case study
Léa Wegwitz, Kerstin Wadewitz

A comparative study of the protective action of three coatings on damaged oil gilding
Léa Wegwitz

European Lacquer in Context, an interdisciplinary and systematic approach to the study of the tradition of European lacquering
Cattersel, L. Decq, C. Indekeu, E. Van Binnebeke, D. Steyaert, W. Fremout, S. Saverwyns

Incorporating acrylic materials in the conservation of the Drayton Hall desk and bookcase
Christopher M. Swan

Furniture finishing: new materials and methods for restoration
Anna Piccirillo, Stefania De Blasi1, Paolo Luciani1, Tommaso Poli

An evaluation of protective coatings for brass in indoor environments, with an emphasis on Boulle marquetry
Arlen Heginbotham, Vincent Beltran, Briana Feston, Ruven Pillay, Christina Simms

Research into and the conservation of varnishes used on historical stringed instruments: a challenging complexity
Jean-Philippe Echard

Creating a varnish ‘refresher’
Heinrich Piening

Varnish patches for lacunae in transparent coatings
Heinrich Piening

The infilling of gaps in transparent finishes on wood using polymeric films
Diederik Kits Nieuwenkamp

Transparent historical finishes on Dutch furniture
Paul van Duin

The analysis and identification of transparent finishes using thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Henk van Keulen

Assessing the finish of a cabinet by H.P. Berlage from the Sint Hubertus hunting lodge
Boudewien Westra

Furniture finish recipes from nineteenth-century sources
Sophie Glerum