Fourth Symposium on Wood and Furniture Conservation

These proceedings are no longer available, but can be viewed in a PDF:

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Paul van Duin

Hydlar ZF™, a nylon-Kevlar TM product suitable as a reinforcing material for wooden objects
Christopher Augerson

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) in furniture conservation
Nicolas Boucher

Studies into the properties of polyethylene glycol (PEG) in furniture conservation
Marie-Christine Triboulot

The reproduction of an eighteenth-century roll-top desk by Jean-François Oeben
Bert Declerck

An alternative solution to an old problem. The conservation of an 18th-century marquetry table
Flavia Philp

Brass banding in the furniture of Charles Honoré Lannuier (1779-1819) , French cabinetmaker in New York
Marijn Manuels

The reproduction of a ripple moulding machine by Roubo
Cees van Soestbergen


Ripple moulding machines displayed on 11 December 1998